Exposure MOB Alarm and Wireless Engine Kill Switch

Exposure MOB Alarm and Wireless Engine Kill Switch


Bring the ultimate safety system to sea with you with the wireless kill switch from Exposure. Designed to bring your vessel to an emergency stop in dangerous situations, this extremely useful device is ideal for crew protection and operator safety.

Exposure MOB Alarm and Wireless Engine Kill Switch


Enhance your boating experience and ensure the safety of yourself and your crew with the OLAS N2K. This remarkable device serves as a MOB alarm, a wireless engine kill switch, or both, providing you with a comprehensive safety system that gives you peace of mind on the water.

Wireless Kill Switch for Unparalleled Safety

A wireless kill switch is a vital safety feature on any power boat, and the OLAS N2K delivers exceptional functionality in this regard. Here's why a wireless kill switch is so beneficial:

  • Operator Safety: If the operator falls overboard or is unexpectedly thrown from the boat, the OLAS N2K automatically shuts off the engine, preventing accidents and making it easier for rescue operations.
  • Emergency Stop: In dangerous situations like collisions, the wireless kill switch allows for an immediate shutdown of the engine, preventing further damage or harm.
  • Crew Protection: Extend the safety benefits to passengers and crew members by equipping them with separate tags that can also stop the engine if necessary.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Many boating authorities require the use of kill switches in specific situations. The OLAS N2K ensures compliance with these regulations, avoiding fines or penalties.
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