Excell 4G Optimised Long Range Antenna

Excell 4G Optimised Long Range Antenna

Excell is a long-range LTE antenna designed to optimise cellular connectivity enabling, on average, double the speed and double the range. Because there’s no such thing as too fast, reliable, or secure.

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Excell 4G Optimised Long Range Antenna


Optimised Cellular Connectivity

Excell makes sure you receive the best performance within range of any cellular network by optimising the distance, speed, and throughput of the connection.

The Excell solution allows users to enjoy the benefits of omnidirectional and directional antennas in a powerful 4G solution.

By harnessing both types of antennae, Excell is able to deliver the best performing connectivity possible.

More Speed, More Coverage

Designed to maximise cellular connection, the Excell solution comes with beam forming and a built-in modem that minimises signal loss. Features like this are only found in today's most powerful and advanced systems.

Resilient and Durable

The Excell antenna itself is made from hardened plastic meaning it is dust and waterproof, UV stable, and IR reflecting, allowing it to easily withstand even the harshest elements.


The system can be used as a standalone cellular enhancement solution, or with the ability to connect to routers, it can be used as an additional benefit to an existing solution.

Easy to Install

The lightweight Excell unit is just 2.5kg, so can be mounted and installed with ease.

Small and Compact

Measuring in at just 250mm in diameter and 230mm tall, the unit is as effective as it is discrete.

Stand-alone Connectivity 

Because the Excell unit carries its own SIM capability, and the fact that any standard SIM works in the unit, it can enhance any cellular connection without the need for additional equipment.

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Antennas Diversity plus MIMO Antenna System, Ultra-Wide-Band with RADAR Reflector, High Efficiency, High Gain
Modem High performance Universal Band LTE Modem
Weight 2.5kg
Mounting 4 x M8 stainless steel screws (A4), rubber sealed
Radom-Dimension Diameter 250mm x Height 400mm
Radom-Material Co-extruded plastic (hybrid layer), UV stable, IR reflecting
Connection to BDU Single Cable Coax 750hm (RG6) or 50 Ohm low loss
Max Cable Length 500hm: up to 300m, 750hm: up to 100m
Power Supply Phantom type, through coaxial cable. Max 38V DC
Power Consumption 5W during operation, 8W peak during power-up
Operating Temperature -45°C to +55°C

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