The growth of renewable energy suggests that utilities networks will continue to expand into areas with little in the way of existing communications networks – according to the US Energy Information Administration, the consumption of biofuels, geothermal, solar, and wind energy in the United States in 2019 was nearly three times greater than in 2000. All these sectors involve the development and maintenance of a network that is isolated and will benefit greatly from the remote monitoring that a satellite connection can offer.

Whatever the sector or the communication requirement, Orbsat provides the satellite communications that enable utility providers to protect and monitor valuable networks, pipelines, and equipment, as well as their personnel, anywhere in the world.

Renewable energy explained – US Energy Efficiency Administration

Our Satellite Communications Solutions for Utilities:

✓ Our satellite tracking modules can be integrated with local IoT systems and sensors to detect leakages in pipelines, malfunction within the network, and enable the automation of processes.

✓ We provide satellite trackers to reliably track personnel working in remote or dangerous environments.

✓ Our high-speed satellite internet terminals allow remote offices to be rapidly deployed and critical information to be sent or received efficiently.

✓ We provide a full range of two-way, shortwave, longwave and push-to-talk radios to cover all voice communication requirements.

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