Please consult this support section for questions relating to your Thuraya satellite equipment. You may also find the support section of the Thuraya website of use for topics not covered on our own website:

Thuraya Support Website

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone

If you are having problems with your Thuraya XT sat phone check that you are running firmware version 1.9. Find out what firmware version your sat phone is running and update here.

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone User Guide

Thuraya XT Satellite Phone Guide to Data Setup

Thuraya SG-2520 Satellite Phone

If you cannot get a Thuraya signal on your SG-2520 sat phone you should ensure that you have the latest firmware version.

Thuraya SG-2520 Satellite Phone User Guide

Thuraya SO-2510 Satellite Phone

If you are having problems with your Thuraya SO-2510 sat phone you should ensure that you have the latest firmware version.

Thuraya SO-2510 Satellite Phone User Guide

Send a free SMS to a Thuraya satellite phone

Thuraya allow you to send free SMS to any Thuraya phone...all you need is the Thuraya phone number starting 88216.

Send an SMS to a Thuraya phone

Thuraya Pay As You Go Support

Support for Thuraya Pay As You Go SIM cards.

Sending an Email from your Thuraya Phone

1. Go to Menu > Messaging
2. Select New Message
3. Enter the body of your text into the phone>Select "Option">Sending Option>Format>Select Email.
4. Once this is done select "Option" > "Send" and enter the email address of your recipient.
5. When it asks for the Email centre enter "1200" and press end.
6. Your email will be sent to your recipient.

Setting Up Voicemail

To set up your voicemail follow these steps:

1. Dial 123 from your handset to access the voicemail service for the first time
2. Choose your language by pressing 1 for English, 2 for Arabic or 3 for French
3. The first time you call voicemail it will ask you to create a 4 digit PIN
4. Once created you will have access to your voicemail box

You can also quick dial the voicemail service by holding down 1 on your keypad. You will need to store the number "123" by going to Menu > Settings > Call > Voicemail

Setting up Thuraya Mail

For Thuraya pre-paid users who activate GmPRS on their account Thuraya provide a free email account for your use. Once the service has been activated Thuraya will send you an SMS with your username and password. To check your mail please visit

Tweeting from your Thuraya sat phone

Thuraya customers can now send and receive Tweets directly from their sat phone. Send an SMS to 1888 from your Thuraya sat phone with the word START and you will receive instructions on how to set-up the service. Outgoing tweets will be charged at your normal SMS rate.

Send an email to a Thuraya phone

To email a Thuraya phone from Outlook/Gmail etc. you need to do the following:

1. Send the message to
2. Put the phone number in the subject box e.g. 008821621257991
3. Then write the message in the main body.

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