Thuraya is a United Arab Emirates based provider of mobile satellite voice and data services with coverage across most of Europe, the Middle East, North, Central and East Africa, Asia and Australia. Thuraya provides network service through three geosynchronous satellites and its products include satellite phones, fixed land phones and satellite broadband terminals.

Unlike satellite phones offered by other network providers, some Thuraya SIM cards will work in regular unlocked GSM telephones and ordinary GSM SIM cards can be used on the satellite network as long as the GSM provider has a roaming agreement with Thuraya. This allows subscribers to remain connected to their national mobile networks, and to access Thuraya's system whenever their preferred national network is out of reach.

Thuraya Coverage
Thuraya Handsets

Thuraya sat phones offer a multitude of features and are comparable to GSM handsets in terms of size and appearance, as well as in voice quality.

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Thuraya Airtime

We offer Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go airtime for the Thuraya network with monthly contracts starting from just $40/month and Pay As You Go from £27.

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Thuraya GmPRS

The Thuraya GmPRS data service enables a continuous "always on" internet connectivity and enhanced data transmission speeds.

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Thuraya IP

Thuraya IP is the world's first mobile satellite service to support 384 kbps Streaming IP, with connectivity of up to 444 kbps available on Standard IP.

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Thuraya Accessories

We offer a range of accessories for Thuraya satellite phones including chargers, cables and docking units.

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