Assets used or stored in remote areas require a reliable method of monitoring and, for areas with poor or non-existent cellular communications, satellite can provide the answer. Automated tracking alerts provide peace of mind while alerts to suspicious activity offer a chance to act upon information before it’s too late.

Our Satellite Communications Solutions for Security:

✓ We provide satellite tracking modules which can be integrated with local IoT systems and programmed to send alerts if movement is detected in property or secured areas.

✓ Our satellite tracking modules can be integrated with IoT sensors to detect if doors or windows are opened without authorization.

✓Our high-speed satellite internet terminals can stream security camera footage even in the most remote locations e.g. to capture unauthorized border crossings.

✓ Our range of satellite trackers can provide automatic location updates to show the precise location of remote assets or personnel and alerts if they move out of a geofenced area.

✓ We provide a full range of two-way, shortwave, longwave and push-to-talk radios to cover all voice communication requirements.

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