Satellite & GSM Tracker Buying Guide

We offer a variety of user-friendly satellite, GSM and dual-mode tracking devices which transmit information such as current location, time, and past movements and are ideal for remotely monitoring the location of valuable assets such as boats, vehicles or machinery or for letting friends, family or colleagues know your precise location when travelling to remote regions- some even allow customised messages to be sent from almost anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in tracking devices but don't know which option is right for you our buying guide is designed to help you make the right choice.

Compare all our personal satellite trackers with our personal satellite tracker comparison chart.

If you need assistance before making a purchase please call us on 0800 112 3919 to discuss your requirements.

What do our tracking devices do?

We offer tracking devices which are capable of tracking people, vehicles, assets and much more. Our tracking devices, many of which can be used anywhere in the world, collect GPS locational information and other user or application specific data which is then transmitted through a satellite or GSM network. This data can then be viewed in almost real-time on a smartphone or computer through a secure login.

Our tracking devices range from small hand-held, battery-powered GPS units to larger fixed mount devices capable of transmitting messages for 5 years or more from internal batteries. Some of our trackers also offer geo-fencing, two-way text messaging and emergency response requests through the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center.

What's best - a Satellite or GSM Tracker?

The vast majority of tracking devices available today use GPS satellites to receive information on their location, speed, altitude etc. This data is then transmitted through a satellite network or mobile phone (GSM) network before being processed and made available to view online through a smartphone or computer.

The main difference between satellite trackers and GSM trackers is:

  • Some of our satellite tracking devices have 100% global coverage, meaning that wherever you or your asset moves around the world it can transmit information on its location through a satellite network.

  • GSM trackers on the other hand are only able to transmit this information through a mobile phone network and they therefore have a serious disadvantage over satellite trackers when being used in an area without mobile phone reception.

Which type of tracking device is best?

For individuals travelling to remote regions we recommend our range of personal trackers. These personal satellite trackers provide a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, these devices work virtually anywhere in the world, even where mobile phones don’t – all with the push of a button.

Our basic devices allow you to simply transmit your location automatically or on-demand while more advanced devices have the added benefit of two-way messaging capabilities. Information transmitted from your device can then be shared and viewed online through any smartphone or computer.

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We also provide more advanced satellite based asset tracking and monitoring devices which can be used on a wide range of fixed or mobile assets. Wherever assets, equipment or machinery are in use, it's easy to monitor their precise location and movements with our off-the-shelf or custom designed tracking solutions. Our devices enable you to obtain status and location information on equipment, vehicles, boats, aircraft etc. with information delivered on an event driven basis or at predetermined intervals. The majority of our devices operate using satellite technology to ensure coverage at all times, even in remote areas with no GSM coverage.

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We also offer a range of satellite only, GSM only and dual-mode Satellite/GSM trackers for use in a variety of applications.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your choice of tracker.

Do I need GTCTrack?

DeLorme and SPOT devices include their own mapping as part of your subscription plan. However if you have a more complicated requirement you may want to consider GTCTrack.

GTCTrack is a web based mapping application which offers a complete visual overview of a wide range of popular tracking devices. Our technology allows you to merge together all types of tracking equipment into one easy to use platform.

Using a Google Earth interface, GTCTrack displays real-time worldwide asset location reports including position, speed, altitude and heading and also provides past location and movement history reports.

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