The Complete Solution for Monitoring Active Media Teams

Do you need:

  • To meet your duty of care to frontline news teams by supplying them with reliable satellite internet terminals and personal tracking devices?
  • Satellite connectivity to ensure reliable communication from potentially high-risk areas?
  • SOS functionality for reporters to call for assistance should they need to?

Our range of broadband terminals and personnel trackers help studios stay connected with media and news teams deployed to the most remote or high-risk regions, anywhere in the world.

We have supplied portable and user-friendly satellite internet terminals to international broadcasting companies so that their deployed reporters can capture and relay invaluable information live from the ground as a situation develops.

Sending media and production teams to potentially hostile environments means having to provide them with a means of transmitting their location via satellite. We offer powerful, pocket-sized GPS trackers that regularly send geolocation status updates to a dedicated host in order to keep an eye on their colleagues' safety and whereabouts.

“We send journalists and field reporters all over the world every day so that they can broadcast the world's most important events as and when they happen. Being able to keep track of their location - as well as giving them the means to seamlessly broadcast live footage - is essential and fundamental to their safety.”

Spokesperson from an international broadcasting house

Remotely monitor and manage your deployed team with satellite solutions from GTC

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