We provide the latest high-speed satellite terminals including the latest technology from Kymeta and Iridium Certus. These terminals are immediately deployable, require no specialist training, and offer wireless or wired connections to teams shooting around the world. This easy-to-use equipment allows the team to spend less time on setup and focus on getting the job done.

Our Satellite Communications Solutions for Media:

✓ Our high-speed satellite internet terminals offer streaming with guaranteed speeds for live broadcasts..

✓ We specialize in satellite trackers to monitor reporters and other team members when working in dangerous or remote regions.

✓ We provide high-speed satellite internet terminals to allow crews to send pre-recorded footage back to the studio for editing.

✓ We provide a full range of two-way, shortwave, longwave and push-to-talk radios to cover all voice communication requirements.

✓ Our range of satellite phones can be used for voice communication when filming in remote locations anywhere in the world.

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