Focusing on the global shipping market, according to the World Shipping Council, there are more than 5,000 container ships operating globally with over 390 new vessels on order. Not only do these ships require satellite communications but increasingly the containers themselves are tracked and monitored individually using satellite and RFID technology to improve the accuracy of global supply chains.

Our Marine Satellite Communications Solutions:

✓ Our range of satellite trackers can be used to monitor vessels and containers measuring speed, current location and past movements.

✓ We are a leading supplier of SOS beacons including PLBs and EPIRBs which can be issued to crew to call for help in the event of an emergency either onboard or in a man-overboard situation. Our high-speed satellite internet terminals enable vessels to communicate with on-shore teams and can also be used to enhance crew welfare by keeping them connected with family and friends on land.

✓ We provide satellite tracking modules which can be configured with sensors to detect container door opening, narcotics detection, movement inside the container, changing levels of radiation, humidity, temperature or water intake inside the container.

✓ We provide a full range of two-way, AIS and push-to-talk marine radios to allow communications anywhere at sea.


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