kymeta u8

The Kymeta u8 is the world’s only commercially available flat panel electronically steered antenna built specifically for mobility. It has been designed for the needs of both military and commercial customers enabling complete coverage of the Ku-band with highly reliable electronic beam steering and no moving parts. The u8 is available as an antenna, an ODU (with no modem), and a turnkey terminal with embedded satellite modem, cellular modem, and SD-WAN capabilities. All can be paired with Kymeta's new satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular connectivity solutions and are future proof with built in compatibility for the arrival of anticipated Ku-band LEO constellations.   


The maritime sector is one which has no choice but to rely on satellite networks for communication.  Kymeta's flat panels are installed to seamlessly fit in with the design of commercial and leisure craft providing high speed broadband connections at sea or while docked. 


Whether on land or at sea Kymeta's u8 antenna seamlessly delivers reliable communications on the move.  Cargo can be tracked via satellite while passengers can stay connected on long distance train, bus and coach journeys. 


First Response

In an emergency situation first responders require instantly deployable solutions to coordinate response and ensure lives stay safe.  Kymeta's u8 terminal requires no specialist training to setup and is ready to use within minutes leaving responders free to focus on the task at hand.


Kymeta provides solutions for government at federal, state and local level ensuring a reliable connection no matter the location.  The seamless switch between satellite and cellular ensures costs are affordable whether used for military, intelligence, border control or other security services.

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