Iridium Stage 2 Dialing

Calling Iridium phone numbers can generate high call charges for the calling party. The 2 Stage Dialing service makes calling all Iridium subscribers less expensive for the caller.

The caller dials the Iridium Gateway number. (+1 480 768 2500) The caller then follows the instructions, enters the Iridium phone number they wish to reach and they will be connected to the number. Subscribers proceed as usual when receiving calls via 2 Stage Dialing, as well as dialling outbound calls.

2 Stage Dialing Charges:
Cost per minute to receive the call = $1.35
Cost per minute to the caller = cost per minute to a US phone number

Why use Iridium 2 Stage Dialing?

  • No activation fee or monthly fee
  • Less expensive for the caller
  • Available to both post-paid and pre-paid Iridium subscribers
  • A flexible service - Iridium users can manage their call costs by giving the Iridium Gateway phone number or their Iridium phone number

Alternatives to Iridium 2 Stage Dialing

Iridium subscribers can also take advantage of the Iridium +1 Access Service. This reduces call costs to Iridium post-paid subscribers only. The main difference is that the Iridium phone subscriber receives their own unique +1 phone number which when dialled will divert automatically to the Iridium phone number.


  Iridium +1 Access Service Iridium 2 Stage Dialing
Monthly Fee $8.00 FREE
Cost/min to receive call $1.50 $1.35
Cost/min to caller* Cost/min to US number Cost/min to US number
Available to Pay Monthly Subscribers Yes Yes
Available to Pay As You Go Subscribers No Yes
Unique +1 phone number directly connects to Iridium phone number Yes No

* The cost per minute to the caller will depend on their calling plan to US numbers.

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