Buying Guide for Satellite Communication Devices

At Orbital SatCom we sell a range of satellite communications and tracking products and use various satellite networks including Globalstar, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya.

Making a decision on the most suitable product to use can be confusing so we have created these buying guides to help you find the perfect satellite communications product for your requirements.

If you need assistance before making a purchase please call us on +1 305 560 5355 to discuss your requirements.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are ideal for anyone needing voice and SMS capabilities in areas where no other reliable methods of telecommunications are available. Satellite phones can also be used for data services although the speeds are very slow and only suitable for plain text emails. If you are planning on regularly transferring large amounts of data we would recommend a satellite broadband terminal.

Browse our selection of Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya Satellite Phones >

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Personal Satellite Trackers

We offer a variety of user-friendly handheld portable satellite tracking devices which transmit GPS location coordinates and customised messages from almost anywhere in the world. These devices allow you to stay in contact with your friends, family or colleagues when travelling to remote locations or view the location and status of your remote assets.

Browse our selection of Personal Satellite Trackers from Garmin and SPOT >

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Asset Trackers

We provide advanced satellite based asset tracking and monitoring devices which can be used to track the location of a wide range of fixed or mobile assets, including vehicles, boats, tractors and trailers. Our satellite trackers use the Globalstar, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks, ensuring global coverage at all times.

Browse our selection of Asset Trackers from SPOT and SmartOne>

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SOS Beacons

SOS Beacons including PLBs, EPIRBs, SARTs and AIS devices are designed with a single purpose: to act as a lifeline in the event of an emergency. 

Browse our selection of SOS Beacons from ACR, Cobham, McMurdoOcean Signal and Odeo >

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Two-Way Radios 

We offer a wide range of products are available for business and leisure users including unlicensed and licensed models, UHF and VHF radios. Our Two-Way Radios provide instant communication on a one-to-one or one-to-many basis as well as SOS functions, making them essential for emergency situations on land or at sea. 

Browse our selection of ACR, Kenwood, McMurdo, Motorola, Standard Horizon and Vertex >

Land-Based Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband terminals are ideal for organisations and individuals needing to transfer large amounts of data or access the internet from remote locations. Satellite terminals allow you to access the internet, corporate networks, send and receive emails and large files at speeds of up to 492 kbps and stream live video. Terminals can also be used for voice communications.

Browse our selection of Land-Based Satellite Terminals from Cobham, Hughes, Iridium and Thuraya > 

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Maritime Satellite Broadband

Maritime satellite broadband terminals are aimed specifically at people that require a voice or data connection while at sea. Satellite terminals allow you to access the internet, corporate networks, download weather files, send and receive emails and large files at speeds of up to 492 kbps (dependent on the terminal) and stream live video. Terminals can also be used for voice communications.

Browse our selection of Marine Satellite Broadband from Cobham Sailor, Iridium, Thrane and Thuraya >

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Rental Service

If you have a short-term requirement for a Satellite Phone, Trackers, SOS Beacons and Terminals or don't want to purchase a device just yet, we recommend you consider our rental service starting from just £4 per day. In the rental section of our website you will find a variety of satellite phones and terminals that are ideal for short term satellite voice and data requirements.

Browse our selection of Rental Products >

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Fixed Satellite Phones

If you're going to be staying in an area with no GSM coverage for a long time and you know you need to keep connected then why not look at our range of fixed sat phones. These take advantage of the Inmarsat I4 satellite network and the new Globalstar network providing a simple solution for communications if you are in a remote location.

Browse our selection of Fixed Satellite Phones from Inmarsat >

Find out more about fixed sat phones >

Satellite Network Coverage

You may wish to choose your satellite communications product based on the network coverage. Browse our maps for further information.

Browse the Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar, Thuraya and SPOT Satellite Network Coverage >

Satellite Network Information

Read up on the satellite networks and the products and services they offer.

Find out more about satellite networks >

Hints and Tips

Do you know how to send a free text message via the internet to a satellite phone? Do you know how to upgrade the firmware on your satellite phone or terminal?

View our support section for more hints and tips...


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