There are important changes happening to a range of our prepaid and monthly Iridium airtime packages. Effective 1st January 2023, these changes are due to supplier increases in pricing and recent currency fluctuations.

We have tried to outline the changes below as clearly as possible.

Changes to our Prepaid Iridium Plans

Iridium is introducing two annual regional prepaid plans: Northern Lights and Latin America vouchers. Through the annual prepaid plans, subscribers receive additional minutes at a greater value while reducing the potential administrative burden of purchasing multiple vouchers.

Additionally, Iridium has consolidated the MENA and Africa vouchers to provide expanded geographic coverage and a stronger value proposition to end users in a single voucher.

Please note that the purchase of any voucher that is due to be discontinued will come with the requirement that the airtime should be applied before 31st December 2022.

Vouchers being discontinued:

  • Global 75 minute (0/30/60/90 day validity)
  • Global 3000 minutes 720 days
  • Global 5000 minutes 720 days

Vouchers being combined:

  • Africa and MENA into one voucher

Vouchers being introduced:

  • 100 minutes only voucher
  • 4000 minutes / 24 month validity voucher
  • 500 minutes MENA / 12 month validity voucher
  • 500 minutes Northern Lights / 12 month validity voucher
  • 500 minutes Latin America / 12 month validity voucher

Postpaid Airtime Pricing Changes

These changes will come into effect from the 1st January 2023 and will be reflected in February 2023 invoices.

New Postpaid Plans are Coming

Iridium is changing their monthly postpaid plans, withdrawing some, but introducing new plans too.

Please take this as notice that we will not be accepting advanced customer activations for any of the plans listed below that are being discontinued after December 31st, 2022.

Iridium Postpaid Plan Changes

Iridium is offering four new postpaid plans (Seasonal, Starter, Advanced, and Power). These new plans focus on providing more value to new postpaid subscribers and encourage more usage through additional minutes included in the monthly bundle. New postpaid subscribers will also see the option to pool subscribers and minutes in certain plans.

Plans being discontinued:

  • Iridium 10
  • Iridium 75
  • Iridium 150

Plans being introduced:

  • Seasonal 10
    • 3-month minimum term
    • 10 SMS and 10 voice minutes included each month
    • Early termination fee introduced
  • Start 25
    • 1-month minimum term
    • 25 SMS and 25 voice minutes included each month
    • Pooled airtime plans available
  • Advanced 100
    • 6-month minimum term
    • 100 SMS and 100 voice minutes included each month
    • Pooled airtime plans available
  • Power 250
    • 6-month minimum term
    • 250 SMS and 250 voice minutes included each month
    • Pooled airtime plans available


SIMs that have already been activated on one of the old plans will remain active but cannot be swapped to one of the new plans.

A NEW SIM OR DEACTIVATION, SIM RELEASE AND REACTIVATION would be required if an existing SIM wishes to change plans to one of the new postpaid plans (please note that the reactivation of a SIM will incur a fee).

More information relating to the price increases and plan changes will be released before the end of the year.

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