top-10-Q-Blog-Header (96) Here at Global Telesat Communications we have helped many customers who are new to satellite phones and want to know all the facts before making their purchase. Here we have listed the most frequently asked questions and more importantly the answers!

1. Which Satellite Phone is best for me?

Firstly you need to check the network coverage maps to find out which networks cover the areas you are travelling to. Secondly you need to compare the features of each handset. To investigate further please take a look at our Buying Guide.

2. How do I top-up my Satellite Phone?

You can top-up your satellite phone SIM card by purchasing online or by calling us on +44 1202 801290. In most cases if you originally bought your SIM card from us we can top-up your SIM card remotely and within one hour of the top-up request.

3. How do I activate the Satellite Phone SIM card?

At the time of purchase you can either give us a specified date that you want us to activate the SIM card for you or you can let us know at a later date by completing our online activation form. The activation is done remotely by us and once completed you can simply pop the SIM card in the sat phone and away you go!

4. How do I check the balance of my Satellite Phone?

Iridium - Dial 2888 from the sat phone. Thuraya - Dial 151 from the sat phone. You can check your balance online by visiting and clicking on "Online Billing Enquiry". You will need a pin number to access this service. This pin can be obtained by sending a blank SMS (from your Thuraya phone) to 1522 or by asking your Thuraya Service Provider to set one for you. We can't set this pin for you. Inmarsat - Select Menu > Settings > Prepay > Balance enquiry from the sat phone. Globalstar - Dial *888 from the sat phone

5. Are you charged for receiving calls on a sat phone?

No, you are not charged for receiving calls or text messages on the sat phone. Satellite Phones Alex Hibbert

6. How much does it cost to call a Satellite Phone?

Charges for calling a satellite phone do vary greatly depending on what type of phone you are calling from and who the operator is. As some providers can charge up to £5 per minute to call a satellite phone we recommend that where possible the sat phone user makes the calls as it almost always works out cheaper than calling to the sat phone. IsatPhone users may want to consider informing colleagues, friends and family that you can call the Inmarsat network from Skype: Read our article "Did you know you can use Skype to call Inmarsat phones and terminals?" Iridium users may want to consider informing colleagues, friends and family of the 2 stage dialling option. This involves the caller ringing a US number (charged at their usual international rates). However, it does mean that the Iridium user will incur a charge. Contact us for further information.

7. Do your Satellite Phones come with a warranty?

All satellite phones supplied by GTC come with a one year manufacturer's warranty.

8. Can I use a Satellite Phone for sending emails?

Satellite phones do have a data capability but in all honesty it isn't particularly quick and only suited for sending and receiving short plain text emails. For larger emails and data transfer consider a portable satellite terminal. All satellite phones have the ability to send and receive short messages to and from an email address directly from the handset using the SMS editor. Sending via this method will be charged at the usual text rate, receiving is free of charge.

9. How quickly can you deliver my Satellite Phone?

We hold most handsets in stock and offer next day delivery within the UK and most of Europe. International shipments can usually delivered within 5 business days. However, if you have urgent delivery requirements please call us on +44 1202 801290 to discuss.

10. Can I send free SMS messages?

Yes, with Globalstar you can send a free SMS Message here.

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