Fleet management or vehicle tracking is a major operation in globally-reaching industries such as international freight shipping and logistics. There are pieces of tracking software and hardware available that give fleet managers a top-down, real-time view of their fleet of vehicles or cargo shipping status and location. We provide compact, discreet, and ruggedized trackers that can be fitted for vehicle tracking or valuable assets that send geolocation data back to a centralised dashboard all on a user-defined basis.

Data Collection and Storage

With trackers such as the SmartOne C asset tracker, all data is stored and displayed on an end-user dashboard that can only be accessed by managers and other specially-assigned individuals. Data is not designed to be shared with third parties because it is only readily available for the benefit of those responsible of ensuring safe passage of goods in transit. The dashboard is Cloud-based so storage is vast and more space can always be purchased by the customer should they require it.

Location Tracking and Surveillance

The asset trackers we provide are designed with accuracy in mind. Once a vehicle tracker is fitted to a vehicle, its location is then pinged to the customer on a regular basis. Alert intervals can be programmed in 1 minute intervals from 35 minutes up to 45 days and messages will be transmitted regardless of whether the asset is moving or stationary. Alternatively, the tracker can be configured to send messages only when the asset is in motion with messages transmitted from as little as every 5 minutes. Geofencing can also be drawn up where, if the SmartOne C detects an unauthorised state, such as movement out of a pre-defined area, it can be configured to send out high frequency messages to enable the unauthorised movement to be monitored closely.

Employee Monitoring and Consent

Putting an employee monitoring strategy into place means transparency has to be a priority. Employees need to feel comfortable with being monitored, and fleet drivers should know the software tracking their vehicles in order for them to understand its importance. Ideally, they should understand the need for protecting the fleet and how fleet management trackers can help increase productivity and efficiency.

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