Thousands of school pupils across the United Kingdom and beyond were recently treated to a school lesson unlike many others: a livestream video feed of a weather balloon floating into space.

This is an annual educuational event hosted by hi-impact, an educational consultancy company in the north of England. With expert teaching support, hi-impact aims to lead the digital transformation of education with secure technology access for all students.

It was the first time this educational piece was live-streamed, thanks to the camera mounted on the weather balloon, alongside the SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker.

Released from a campsite in Welshpool, along the border of England and Wales, the balloon reached a maximum altitude of 9600m (31,500ft) after three hours of being let go. It then descended and landed in trees just outside Shrewsbury, across the English border, where it was safely retrieved thanks to the SPOT Gen4's continuous and regular interval tracking which was logged on a centralised dashboard and map API.

This event is a shining example of the resilience and power of the SPOT Gen4, as it was able to continue tracking accurately even at altitudes of several thousand metres. It remained undamaged when it landed, proving this asset tracker is able to withstand impacts and harsh conditions, again, all while tracking reliably.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the SPOT Gen4 Satellite Tracker, contact us via:

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