SPOT satellite trackers are among some of our most popular products. They are famous for helping stranded individuals needing help in the wilderness, the mountainside, trail, or roadside. Over the years, we have supplied more than 15,000 SPOT devices that have gone on to give peace of mind to intrepid adventurers or remotely deployed lone workers.

The SPOT Gen3 Satellite Tracker is no longer available to purchase, however, you are able to rent from us for short-to-longer term adventures, excursions, or projects. You choose the dates, we’ll supply the hardware.

Renting SPOT Gen3 Trackers is Easy

We have designed the rental process to be as easy as possible. Simply use the date picker calendar to tell us your start and end dates, and we will deliver your SPOT Gen3 rental ahead of your start date so you can get to grips with how the device works.

Renting from us is a seriously cost-effective way of making use of some of the market’s most advanced satellite devices, and, with a 7-day minimum term and no deposit needed, we believe you will get fair usage out of your device without having to commit to the full market price.

Features of SPOT Gen3 Tracker

The SPOT Gen3 comes with a wealth of satellite features that are designed around keeping the user safe and reliably connected to emergency services as well as key contacts back home that can be entered as emergency contacts before setting off. You can trigger an SOS alert in a life-or-death situation, check-in with colleagues or family so they know you have arrived safely at your destination, or use the tracking functionality to ping your location at regular intervals so people can monitor your progress.

Key Features Include:

  • SOS
  • Tracking
  • OK Check-In
  • Custom Message
  • SPOT Help/SOV (Save Our Vehicle)

How About the Rest?

The pocket-sized SPOT Gen3 is compact and lightweight at just 114g. It has global coverage so you can alert emergency services from anywhere in the world, and it even operates at maximum 6,500m and minimum -100m. It is IP rated IPX7 so can be submersed at 1m for 30 seconds, and battery life is generous but does vary depending on device usage.


Taking out a SPOT Gen3 Satellite Tracker rental is the cost-effective way to use one of our most popular devices. At a fraction of the retail price, renting the SPOT Gen3 allows you to venture into the wild with the peace of mind that emergency services are only a button press away should you get into a life-threatening situation. Our rental deliveries arrive ahead of your scheduled departure so that you can familiarise yourself, and with no deposit needed, renting saves on spiralling costs because you only pay for the time spent with the device.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about BGAN top-ups, contact us via:

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