Satellite phones and trackers as contingency plan

Disasters can happen at any time and anywhere in the world. With this unpredictability, businesses should be prepared with satellite communication devices. The ability to communicate should not be overlooked in most emergencies. Communications are an essential resource when disaster strikes.

Becoming equipped with a satellite phone or tracker is a necessary contingency plan. Businesses should invest in satellite communications, to ensure that all employees remain safe, aware and connected during a disaster. Therefore, preparing an emergency kit that has a satellite phone or tracker equips you with a life-saving line of communication.


Terrestrial communication links are often disabled and disrupted within the first hours of a disaster, as telephone lines fail quickly. Therefore, owning a satellite phone is an ideal backup, particularly for your business to continue to place calls. Also, a satellite tracker can also be a crucial life-line as the devices have SOS emergency capabilities that transmit your GPS location to Search and Rescue services at the push of a button. The inReach Explorer+ from Garmin provides quality tracking from a truly global coverage network and the essential SOS capabilities as well as offers two-way communication.explorer+

The inReach Explorer+ from Garmin

Keeping a satellite phone and/or tracker on the premises of your business may become the only means to communicate with other employees as well as provide access to local services and rescue operations. Therefore, this connectivity is crucial for employees to communicate with their colleagues and families. For businesses in Europe, the Thuraya XT-LITE is a great choice. This model is low cost and has flexible airtime options, to match your business’ needs.

Thuraya XT-LITE

The Thuraya XT-LITE


Furthermore, preparing for the potential impact and repercussions of a disaster is important. Natural disasters have a high likelihood for disabling terrestrial communications for months after the event. Hurricanes Irma and Maria Puerto Rico, damaged the Virgin Islands' cell sites for six months after the natural disaster! Therefore, the Iridium Extreme 9575 satellite phone is the ideal portable communication device for this environment. This model equips users with truly global coverage and military-grade durability.

Iridium Extreme 9575

The Iridium Extreme 9575

Although these disasters had a significant impact on communications, even blackouts or potential scares can eliminate standard terrestrial communication links. Therefore, portable satellite phones and trackers are essential equipment for your businesses against the risk of losing communication connection.


Firstly, it is essential to ensure that you device is not faulty or invalid. By testing your device prior to an emergency situation, you equip yourself with peace of mind. The validity of your airtime is crucial to monitor, as the minutes have expiry dates. Alternatively, a monthly contract ensures that service is always available. All information is provided with the purchase or rental purchase of a satellite phone or tracker. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

Therefore, it is time for you to equip your business with a satellite communications device. Our satellite phones and trackers will provide all employees with peace of mind that operations and communications are robust. As a business owner you have a duty of care to your employees. Therefore, equip your business with life-saving equipment during a crisis.

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