We are pleased to announce that we recently supplied the Airborne Response subsidiary of our U.S. customer, Safe Pro Group Inc., with Thuraya XT PRO satellite phones under a contract valued at $180,000 for use by the U.S. government in Africa.

By completing the delivery of Thuraya satellite equipment to the U.S. Department of State, this exciting new fulfillment enabled Safe Pro Group to continue their contracted work within various departments of the U.S. Government.

The successful contract was awarded following an open bid process, whereafter the required Thuraya satellite phones were quickly delivered to Nigeria.

The Thuraya XT-PRO itself is designed for professional users and is one of the world’s most advanced satellite phones. Built to withstand harsh environments, the phone is GPS-enabled, ruggedized, and equipped with an extensive battery life, ensuring connectivity no matter where you are within its Thuraya-served regions.

Managing Director of Global Telesat Communications (GTC), David Phipps, said: “We are very happy to have been able to provide this mission-critical satellite communication equipment for Safe Pro, ensuring its safe arrival in Africa within just a few weeks of the contract being awarded.”

A subsidiary of Nasdaq listed NextPlat Corp, GTC provides voice, data, tracking, and IoT services via satellite to customers worldwide through multiple global storefronts.  GTC has provided satellite solutions to over 50,000 customers in more than 165 countries around the world.

Safe Pro Group Inc. was formed by a team of executives and subject matter experts drawn from the Intelligence Community, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and commercial sectors to assess and help Government and Enterprise clients respond to disruptive new technologies and new threats.

To find out more about Thuraya phones or to speak to one of our product experts at GTC, contact us via email or phone.

  • Email: info@gtc.co.uk
  • Tel: 0800 112 3919

To keep up with the latest from Safe Pro Group Inc., follow them on social media:

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