issue posting to facebook - Blog-Header (25) As of August 2018, Facebook privacy policy revisions revoked the permissions needed to publish posts to Facebook as a logged in user.

What are the privacy policy revisions?

Facebook has updated their Platform Policies, which include provisions addressing the rransfer of data outside of your app, use of service providers, the processing of data by technology providers, and the ways we monitor compliance with our terms.

What does this mean?

Currently we are aware that the Post-To-Facebook feature on Garmin inReach and Iridium GO! devices has been temporary lost. However, posting from to a Facebook page is not impacted. Therefore, this technical issue only relates to posting to a personal Facebook timeline. Garmin and Iridium are currently investigating possible solutions with Facebook; however, it may not be possible to restore this feature. Fortunately, the Post-To-Twitter features remain unaffected! So it is recommended that this is the best alternative, in the meantime. We understand the frustration at the loss of this feature. Therefore, we will update customers via the blog and social media channels when we have more information on this situation. If you have further concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone: Email: Phone: 0800 112 3919 (UK) or +44 1202 801290 (International)

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