Another intrepid GTC customer is Mike Keen, the adventure chef, kayaker, and explorer.

At the time of posting, Mike is on Day 3 of his Greenlandic rowing adventure where he is tracking his way up the west coast of the baron, icy country from the southern town of Qaqortoq to the final destination in the north, Qaanaaq.

This incredible kayak voyage is roughly 3000km in length.

Mike is taking this adventure on in the name of scientific research, raising awareness of climate change in the Arctic, by collecting samples of sea mammal poo which will be sent back to Greenland's capital, Nuuk, and onwards to several labs where they will be analysed for microplastics.

Mike will also be performing a gut microbiome study, done by eating a purely traditional Greenlandic diet (dried & fermented cod, kayak-caught cod, Mattak, Iginneq, Orsoq, fermented duck egg, Suaasat, Wolf fish, and Ammassat), the same as the Inuit would have eaten thousands of years ago. Mike's team of microbiologists will analyse samples of Mikes gut to see what effect the diet has on his gut microbiome, his physiology and mental well being.

While all this important scientific research is going on, Mike will be making his way, day by day, from inlet to ice berg all by kayak, navigating his way up the coast using the latest Garmin and Iridium hardware, happily supplied by GTC. We kitted Mike out with the latest Garmin inReach® tracker to give him global connectivity. His position can be regularly and readily monitored from his GPS portal, offering peace of mind that he is safe and well, and where he needs to be at the right time.

Mike's fascinating journey up Greenland is another shining example of the type of person that requires satellite connectivity and communication in an off-grid location. And what could be more off-grid than this?

Follow Mike's progress in detail on his Instagram page.

Track Mike's position on his website.

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