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Jenny Davis is a professional endurance athlete who is going on expedition on 19th November 2018 for almost 2 months! She is attempting to break the world record of the fastest solo, unsupported and unassisted ski from the coastline of Antarctica to the South Pole. For an expedition like this communication plans are essential and Jenny came to GTC for expert advice on setup of a system for one of the most remote regions on the planet.

The Expedition

Jenny will be hauling everything that she requires during her expedition, including food, fuel and her tent, via a pulk sled behind her. The main aim of the expedition, in addition to breaking a world record, is to encourage more children across the US and UK to become more active. She is asking children to take on their own challenges whilst she is taking on her own challenge to reach the South Pole in under 38 days! On Jenny's return she will be doing a tour of schools across the US and UK to teach them about the expedition and Antarctica, as well as fundraising for the two sports charities, Free to Run and Women in Sport. In addition to promoting her expedition as it happens, there is a documentary being filmed during the expedition which will be available to watch on her return. Therefore, follow our social channels to stay up to date with key information about the milestones she reaches and photos!

The Equipment

We are supporting Jenny's Expedition with the Iridium 9555 and Iridum GO! We recommend these devices as Iridium is the only network which will provide her with truly global coverage! The Iridium 9555 is ideal for this expedition as it is compact and lightweight as well as easy to use. This satellite phone is designed to withstand rugged environments, such as those which will face Jenny on her journey to the South Pole. Additionally, Jenny can stay connected to family and friends as well as keep in contact with news teams through the device's voice capabilities and SMS and Email messaging functions. The Iridium GO! Wi-Fi Hotspot enables Jenny to connect to the internet via Iridium LEO satellite constellation. This device allows her to share photos, as well as access emails and social network sites so she can share updates of her expedition with her followers and contacts.


During her expedition Jenny: "Used the satellite phone loaned by @globaltelesatcomms to chat briefly with loved ones on Christmas day - amazing to hear familiar voices!"

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