As Iridium release a new prepaid tariff for heavy Iridium GO! SMS usage we take a look at the pros and cons of the offer and also give you some tips on sending and receiving SMS on Iridium.

The new option offer 9,000 units which on this specific tariff equates to 3,000 SMS messages with a 6 month validity to use them up. This offering is non-rechargeable which means if you add further vouchers to the SIM it will cause all existing units and expiration period to be lost. So if you have not used the messages up at the end of the 6 months they will be lost, they cannot be rolled over. While this option is marketed as an SMS tariff it can also be used for voice and data calls so could be added to a SIM as a standalone voucher. However, if you wish to use voice or data services the cost per minute is much higher than the standard 400 or 1,000 minute voucher therefore should only be used in emergencies only. In summary, this option works best for SMS users alongside one of the standard voice/data options currently offered or for those who purely wish to use SMS. For information on all Iridium GO! pre-paid airtime options see our website: VIEW IRIDIUM GO! PRE-PAID AIRTIME OPTIONS >
Iridium GO! SMS Sending an SMS via the Iridium GO app

Sending and Receiving SMS via Iridium GO!

As with all satellite networks the reliability of sending a message to a mobile phone can vary depending on the agreements the satellite network has in place with the mobile provider. As there is no way to check this we highly recommend sending test messages from your device to the desired before the trip to verify that it will be successful.

How to send an SMS from Iridium GO!

Ensure you have downloaded the Iridium GO! app onto your device and you have a clear line of sight to the sky with full Iridium signal. From the Home screen select the Message menu. Click the notepad and pencil icon in the top right to compose a new message. Enter the recipients number in international format e.g. for a UK number 00447123456789 or +447123456789 in the "To" box Compose the message Click send

What to do if the SMS is not received

We recommend to try an alternative number. If it appears Iridium does not have an agreement in place with that mobile network the alternative method would be to send an email message via the Iridium GO! Mail & Web app - in this case the SMS plan will not be best for your requirements.

To send a free message to your Iridium GO!

To send a free SMS to an Iridium GO!

Have further questions about Iridium GO! or the plans available?


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