We often are approached by customers who are undertaking expeditions or scientific projects in the Northern or Southern Polar regions. Consequently, they need advise for the best satellite communications to report back their news and findings. As Iridium is the only truly global satellite network, find out how our customers use their products in these regions.

Free Press: Journalism Beyond the Traditional Bounds of Geography

Iridium's latest blog details how cinematographer and editor reported and sent a 2.5 minute HD quality news story.

Kenneth Sorento and journalist Martin Breum were required to report back to the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) while undertaking an polar expedition to the Arctic seabed.

Therefore, the team prepared and worked with Sorento a technician at DR to develop a method of compressing the file. They were able to compress the video from 2.23 GB to 40.6 MB and cut it into three parts. DR receives and combines the files to air the story soon after, with very little loss in quality.


The Iridium Pilot Data Terminal and Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone assisted the team in their journey.

Alex Hibbert's Epic Journey through the North West Passage

GTC customer Alex Hibbert and his team are currently undertaking an expedition to ski, walk and swim 1800 miles fully unsupported (no resupplies or power-assistance) across a treacherous terrain of sea ice! This is the longest ever journey both man-powered or unsupported.

Iridium 9575 Extreme

The team knew that the unpredictable nature of the sea ice. Therefore, they would need a reliable form of communication at all times and so we supplied the Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite Phone (pictured). The Iridium Extreme offers emergency SOS with notification services and works anywhere in the world. This reassure the team that they could call for help if they ever find themselves in danger.

Read the Full Story: Alex Hibbert begins his epic journey through the North West Passage

Antony Jinman reaches North & South Pole

In January last year Antony Jinman fulfilled his childhood dream of reaching both the North and South Pole.

Antony is the founder and CEO of Education through Expeditions (ETE). This social enterprise inspires young people to learn more about the world around them and follow their dreams.

AJ South Pole 1

Antony embarked on this expedition not only to achieve his own lifetime goal, but as a means to inspire and educate children.

We lent a DeLorme inReach SE to Antony so that his expedition could be completely interactive. Additionally, school children from all over the country would be able to ask him questions and track his progress online. The DeLorme inReach SE can send and receive messages and tracking signals from anywhere in the world. Also, as it is designed for maximum durability in harsh environments, it is the perfect travel companion for Antony on his solo expedition.

Read the Full Story: Antony Jinman Has Completed His South Pole Missions

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