Inmarsat improve validity extensions for BGAN and IsatPhone Effective immediately, all Inmarsat validity extensions for IsatPhone and BGAN will extend the existing expiration by 30 days. Previously 30 days was added from the date of the top-up. You can also now add multiple validity extensions to your Inmarsat IsatPhone or BGAN pre-paid SIM card and the total extension period will be cumulative. As a guide:

  • New system: Add a validity extension and the 30 days will be added to your existing expiry date e.g. current top-up expiring on 30th September will be extended to 30th October
  • Old System: Add a validity extension and the 30 days will be added from the day of top-up e.g. current top-up expiring on 30th September, validity extension added on 15th September, top-up would have been extended to 15th October
These changes only relate to validity extensions, standard minutes top-ups still follow the rules below
  • Example: If one (1) 50-units / 90 days voucher is added on 15 January 2017
    • If original expiration date = 20 January 2018, then the new expiration will remain 20 January 2018 (as it is the later of the 2 dates)
    • If original expiration date = 20 January 2017, then the new expiration = 15 April 2017 (90 days from date of topup)
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