Anyone from media broadcast crews, NGOs, military operations, or remotely deployed utilities contractors looking for a reliable and consistent portable broadband solution, the BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) service from Inmarsat is ideal. BGAN is the industry standard for mobile satellite connectivity and is used in government and commercial applications around the world to deliver reliable connectivity whenever it is needed.

Advantages of BGAN Top-Ups

  • Global coverage: BGAN is available globally (excluding the poles) to deliver reliable connectivity wherever your excursion takes you.
  • Simultaneous voice and data: BGAN terminals provide simultaneous voice and data up to 492kbps, catering for internet browsing or sending emails and talking on the phone at the same time.
  • Terminal flexibility: There is a range of portable, fixed, and vehicular terminal options available to give you the flexibility you need, depending on the use case.
  • Streaming IP: BGAN supports a range of guaranteed on-demand Streaming IP rates from 32kbps up to 800kbps when using BGAN HDR.

Coverage Area By Inmarsat

Near-global coverage is provided via the Inmarsat satellite constellation that orbits roughly 22,000 miles above earth. The constellation consists of 13 satellites in geosynchronous (GEO) orbit that are positioned to transmit radio beams covering the earth’s oceans and land areas.

Inmarsat coverage extends to parts of the world from latitudes of -82° to 82° regardless of longitude, meaning the polar regions at higher latitudes are excluded from coverage.

The Best Reason For Using BGAN

Some of the key benefits of BGAN systems are:

  • Portability: Because a BGAN terminal is so compact, you can set it up almost anywhere to establish a mobile internet connection.
  • User-friendly: Any user can set up a BGAN terminal and connect their device to the internet within minutes.
  • Seamless connectivity: With BGAN, you have access to a seamless network with near global coverage.
  • Simultaneous voice and data: Just one BGAN terminal enables you to use both voice and data services simultaneously.
  • Flexible applications: BGAN terminals come in portable, fixed and vehicular options for any use case.
  • Cost efficiency: After the initial cost of equipment, the price of BGAN top-ups is based on the amount of data used.
  • On-the-go communications: Because BGAN has auto-tracking antennas, you can stay connected to the internet while in a moving vehicle, ideal for land-use applications.
  • Secure connections: BGAN supports major VPN products and encryption standards to meet military and government requirements for security.


Inmarsat BGAN terminals open up the realms of portable satellite internet that anyone can set up and use with ease. Take one of our robust terminals to almost any point in the world to achieve a remote office environment, enabling the use of internet browsing, access to emails, voice and data send/receive, and more.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about BGAN top-ups, contact us via:

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