What Is the Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot?

If you are travelling to a remote destination where traditional mobile coverage cannot reach or does not exist, you’re going to need something like the Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot to help you stay connected. Think of it as the WiFi router in your home; simply connect your smartphone to it and use it to help you send WhatsApp messages, emails, photos or short video files, directly from whichever isolated region you are in or travelling to.

Key Features & Benefits of This Satellite Hotspot:

The GO! exec is feature-rich hotspot with the power to connect users from anywhere in the world. To build on its predecessor’s abilities, it come with the following advanced features:

Connection Manager: a new feature that helps manage usage with session controls and preconfigured filtering options to avoid bill shock.

Multi-User Access: up to two high-quality voice lines for calls and multiple data sessions.

Built-in Speakerphone: enjoy cellphone-quality voice communications.

24/7 SOS Monitoring: support is available through registration with the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

Applications: explore custom apps for purpose-built email, weather, or industry-specific requirements to provide more cost-effective, efficient use of the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service.

Messaging Apps: WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Signal, Telegram, Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter.

Global Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

How Does the Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot Work Globally?

For any satellite hardware to operate correctly, it needs to be connected to its relevant satellite network just like the smartphone in your pocket. There are three main satellite networks that our satellite products utilise: Inmarsat, Thuraya, and Iridium. These networks all come with their own network coverage area. Inmarsat and Thuraya are near-global, whereas Iridium is truly global, meaning you can use an Iridium satellite device from any location on earth to make voice calls or send data. This is because the Iridium satellite constellation orbits the earth as a mesh around the world, meaning a connection to one or more satellites is always achievable.

Coverage and Reliability in Remote and Off-Grid Areas.

The Iridium GO! exec is reliable in remote and off-grid areas due to its unique features and connectivity:

Global Coverage: Iridium satellites provide global coverage, ensuring connectivity even in the most remote and off-grid locations, including deserts, oceans, and polar regions.

Satellite Network Redundancy: Iridium's constellation of 66 cross-linked satellites ensures network redundancy, minimizing downtime and maintaining connectivity in adverse conditions.

Durability: The GO! exec device is rugged and designed to withstand harsh environments, including extreme temperatures, water resistance, and shock resistance.

Multiple Device Connectivity: It allows multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) to connect simultaneously, making it suitable for group use.

SOS Emergency Services: The GO! exec includes an SOS button for emergency assistance, providing an added layer of safety in remote areas.

Applications For Adventure And Business

Practical Uses of the Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot for Travellers, Explorers, and Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Anyone looking to share an off-grid experience when traditional mobile reception is not available will benefit from the power of the Iridium GO! exec. Atlantic rowers, for example, have used the GO! exec to send short video files from their boat, as well as WhatsApp messages either directly from the device itself through its touchscreen display, or via their phones. The GO! exec allows for captivating moments of adventure to be shared as they happen in real-time.

How Businesses Can Benefit From this Satellite Hotspot in Remote Operations.

For a more corporate application, the GO! exec enables individuals to make voice calls when there is no mobile data to be had. Used as a back-up to a satellite phone, the GO! exec can help businesses or business representatives operating in remote locations liaise with management at headquarters through secure lines to deliver important, perhaps even confidential, information direct from the field.

Setting Up and Using The Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot

Step-by-step Guide on Setting Up and Connecting Devices.

Setting up the GO! exec is quick and simple. Below are the steps needed to get going once you have taken the device out of the box:

  • Charge and Insert SIM Card to Your Iridium GO! exec
    • Lift the flap on the side of the device, insert the SIM, and make sure the flap is then fully closed.
    • Make sure the device is full charged before first use. Allow up to three hours for this. Look for a solid blue light to indicate a full charge.
  • Download the Required Companion Applications
    • Apps to start with are the Iridium GO! exec app and Iridium Mail
  • Set up your Iridium GO! exec
    • Turn the device on.
    • Lift the antenna up.
    • Follow the onscreen menus and instructions.
  • Connect to Iridium GO! exec Device’s WiFi
    • With the device powered on, navigate to the Settings menu on the device UI, and select “Show Wi-Fi Credentials” option to display the QR code, SSID and password.
    • Connect either by opening your Iridium GO! exec mobile app on your smart device and following on-screen instructions to scan the QR code, or by navigating to your smart device’s WiFi settings and looking for the Iridium GO! exec SSID as displayed on the Iridium GO! exec device. Click on the name, enter password when prompted. Once a WiFi connection is successful open your Iridium GO! exec app and it will automatically log in.

Tips for Optimising Your Connectivity Experience

It is crucial that you are confident on how to best achieve a connection when operating a satellite internet hotspot remotely. Below are some ideas on how to optimise your connectivity with the Iridium GO! exec:

Clear Line of Sight: Ensure that the device has a clear line of sight to the sky. It relies on a network of satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), so obstacles like buildings, trees, or terrain can hinder connectivity. Place it in an open area for the best signal.

Antenna Positioning: The GO! exec has an external antenna port. Use an external antenna with a magnetic or fixed mount to enhance signal reception. Position the antenna away from obstructions and as high as possible.

Upgrade Firmware: Keep the device's firmware up to date. Manufacturers often release updates to improve performance, fix bugs, and add features. Check the Iridium website or app for firmware updates.

Optimise Data Usage: Satellite data can be expensive, so be mindful of your data usage. Use compression and optimisation tools to reduce data consumption. Avoid unnecessary large downloads and streaming.

Prioritise Communication: If you're using the Iridium GO! Exec for emergency purposes, prioritise voice calls and short text messages over data-heavy activities like browsing or social media.

Comparing Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot To Alternatives

A Comparative Analysis with Other Satellite Hotspots on the Market.

The Iridium GO! and Iridium GO! exec are satellite WiFi hotspots designed to provide reliable connectivity in remote and off-grid locations. While both devices offer essential satellite communication features, the Iridium GO! exec is an upgraded version aimed at business and professional users, offering enhanced capabilities compared to the original Iridium GO!. Below is a feature analysis of both devices:

Iridium GO!:

  • Global Coverage: Both devices offer global coverage, ensuring connectivity in even the most remote areas of the world.
  • Satellite Connectivity: Utilises the Iridium satellite network, renowned for its global coverage and reliability.
  • Voice Calls and SMS: Supports voice calls and text messaging, enabling basic communication capabilities.
  • Data Connectivity: Provides internet access through a WiFi hotspot, allowing users to send emails and browse the web at low data speeds (2.4 Kbps).
  • SOS Functionality: Features an SOS button for emergency situations, connecting users to emergency services.
  • Durability: Designed to withstand harsh environments, making it suitable for outdoor adventures.
  • Compact and Portable: Small and lightweight, easy to carry in a backpack or bag.
  • Battery Life: Offers up to 7 hours of talk time and standby time of up to 16 hours on a single charge.

Iridium GO! exec (Additional/Enhanced Features):

  • Enhanced Data Speeds: Provides faster data speeds of up to 22.0 Kbps, making it more suitable for business and professional users who require quicker data transfer.
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi Range: The GO! exec offers an extended WiFi range, improving connectivity for multiple users within a larger area.
  • Security Features: Enhanced security protocols and VPN support for secure data transmission.
  • Customisable Solutions: Suited for businesses and enterprises, the GO! exec can be customised with specific data plans and solutions to meet diverse operational needs.
  • Advanced Management Tools: Provides advanced management and reporting tools for businesses to monitor and control data usage effectively.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with enterprise-grade applications and solutions, making it ideal for corporate and government users.
  • External Antenna Support: Supports external antennas for enhanced signal strength in challenging environments.
  • Optional Accessories: Offers a range of optional accessories, such as docking stations and external antennas, to expand functionality and versatility.

What Sets the Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot Apart From the Competition?

This powerful satellite WiFi hotspot comes with many features built-in that people have been asking for for a long time. Dual voice lines to connect more than one phone, for example, or the Data Management system allowing for more streamlined data usage, will help people keep their costs down and make use of the hardware much more efficiently. The improved connection speeds are also a welcome addition and upgrade, forcing the GO! exec into a superior position above its rival hotspot solutions.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the Iridium GO! exec Satellite WiFi Hotspot, contact us via:

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