Introducing Cat® S75: Ultimate Satellite Phone Solution

The Cat S75 is a seriously robust satellite phone built to withstand any of life’s harshest environments. Not only has it been drop-tested onto steel surfaces to prove its hardiness, but it is also waterproof and ingress protected against sand, dust, and dirt. All this is a recipe for durability, packaged in a capable satellite phone backed by a constellation of geostationary satellites that give the S75 international connectivity.

Navigating The Unreachable: Sat Phone Technology

Communicating off-grid and staying in touch is something that comes naturally to the Cat S75. With built-in features such as two-way messaging, for example, you can have a two-way text-and-emoji conversation with colleagues, friends, and loved ones from almost anywhere in the world, just like you would on an everyday smartphone. Should you run into unexpected difficulties, however, help is always just a tap away: Bullitt Satellite Messenger connects you to the brand’s Crisis Response Centre (CRC), which is fully monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. For everything else in between, there’s the check-in functionality and location-sharing ability, meaning you’re never off-grid unless you want to be.

Connected Anywhere: Cat® S75 Coverage And Benefits

With such far-reaching connectivity levels, the Cat S75 lets you travel and work with unrestricted freedom. Powered by Bullitt Satellite Connect and available from GTC, the S75 can be used in almost any location, however, coverage is still being rolled out to various regions of the world and so this aspect should be considered before purchasing this device. In areas where coverage can be achieved though, voice calls and check-ins are reliable from even the most remote locations, because the GEO satellites the phone relies on match the speed of the earth’s rotation as they orbit, so their coverage is fixed and reliable.

Unveiling The Features: Performance And Durability

Unlike a lot of today’s more delicate pieces of hardware, the Cat S75 stands up to the knocks, scrapes, scuffs, and drops of the construction site, back-country trails, or rugged mountain landscapes where it might be taken and used. You can safely wave goodbye to any accidental cracks and dents because of the phone’s rigorous drop-testing onto steel from 1.8m. These seemingly indestructible handsets work and play as hard as you do. Because whether you’re rocking a festival or breaking rocks on a construction site, you deserve a truly life-proof phone. You will also stay in touch for longer too because the S75 is built to endure, with the ability to survive up to 30% longer than the average smartphone, keeping you connected while saving on the unnecessary churn, cost, and environmental impact of device renewal.

How Cat® S75 Redefines Satellite Communication In The UK

Satellite phone UK communication can mainly be isolated to regions such as the Scottish Highlands, Lake District, or any of our other major national parks where typical phone reception does not reach or does not exist. With the Cat S75, this communications gap is bridged affordably and durably. Unlike its competitor satellite phone models from brands such as Iridium or Inmarsat, this particular device is much more wallet-friendly at £549 (inc. VAT), however does come with satellite plans of up to £59.99 a year. These plans unlock features such as message inclusions and dedicated SOS assistance and vary from Essential (30 messages a month) to Freedom (250 messages a year).

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the Caterpillar S75 satellite phone, contact us via:

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