The Iridium GO! exec WiFi Hotspot is the latest innovation from Iridium. Packed full of messaging apps and communications features to keep you reliably connected from any location in the world, the GO! exec is ideal for anybody including solo adventurers, remote workers, boaters, sailors, military personnel, or emergency responders at the scene of a natural or manmade disaster. When using the GO! exec, we recommend to think of it like the WiFi router in your home; you simply connect your phone or smart device to it by following the on-screen instructions, and within moments you are connected to the globally-reaching Iridium satellite network.

Enhanced Connectivity Anywhere

Not only is the Iridium GO! exec loaded with internal, digital enhancements, but there are external physical accessories to add on to it too. Introducing the Iridium GO! exec Fixed Antenna Bundle, a complete kit that extends your connectivity levels whether on land or at sea. This accessory kit allows you to affix your Iridium GO! to any building or vessel so your passengers, staff, or colleagues, can stay updated on things like upcoming weather conditions at sea, or humanitarian workers can conduct high-quality voice calls when traditional comms infrastructure is damaged.

Easy Installation and Setup

Included in the Fixed Antenna Bundle are everything needed to secure your satellite internet hotspot to a railing onboard a boat or a base and screws for indoor installation. When at sea, simply use the Stainless Steel Mast / Rail Mounting Bracket Kit to mount the Iridium GO! exec to a location on your vessel and enjoy handsfree Iridium communication from the comfort of your boat. Or, if you are working indoors, place the Iridium GO! itself in the Cradle Kit and use the 1” Ball, Square Base and 4 x Stainless Steel Metal Screws to secure it down. There are also Cable Ties included in the kit for extra security when fixing to an object.

Comparing the Fixed Antenna Bundle to Other Iridium Solutions

Iridium offer more than just the Fixed Antenna Bundle for the GO! exec. If you are looking for a standalone, handheld satellite communications solution, the Iridium Extreme® satellite phone or the Iridium 9555 satellite phone are two ideal contenders. Offering global communication and high-quality voice calls, these two satellite phones are ultra-portable, ultra-reliable, and can also be used in environments like aboard sea-going vessels just like the GO! exec. Elsewhere from Iridium are products like the Edge Solar, a solar-powered asset tracker with a super-long battery life, or the range of Skylink terminals powered by Iridium Certus® and used in commercial or IoT environments.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4/5)

“I purchased the Iridium GO! Exec Fixed Antenna Bundle for a recent expedition to a remote area, and it worked as advertised. The fixed antenna improved the signal strength significantly, and I was able to communicate with my team and loved ones without any issues. However, the bundle is on the expensive side, and that's why I'm giving it four stars. If you can afford it, it's a great investment for reliable satellite communication.” – Matty D, GTC Customer.

As always, our team of experts is here to help. So, if you need any advice about the Iridium GO! exec Fixed Antenna Bundle, contact us via:

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