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For the first year ever, we are offering discounts for Black Friday Weekend 2018 on trackers, SOS Beacons and Two-Way Radios.

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We provide a variety of satellite, GSM and dual-mode tracking devices which transmit information such as current location, time, and past movements. The brands available in our black friday deals included inReach from Garmin, SPOT, NAL Research SHOUT and SmartOne. Our trackers use the Globalstar, Iridium and Thuraya networks, ensuring global or near global coverage at all times. spot trace - web Asset trackers are ideal for remotely monitoring the location of valuable assets such as boats, vehicles or machinery. For example, the SPOT Trace (pictured) is a compact asset tracker that can be used to track authorised asset movement and secondly to detect unauthorised movement and alert you inreach explorer+ - website Then personal trackers are essential for letting friends, family or colleagues know your precise location when travelling to remote regions. For example, the inReach Explorer+ from Garmin offers two-way messaging, SOS function and tracking via the global Iridium satellite network. In addition it features pre-loaded maps with onscreen GPS routing and built-in digital compass, barometric altimeter and accelerometer.

SOS Beacons

Our Black Friday deals include both PLBs and EPIRBs from Ocean Signal, ACR, McMurdo. PLB - web Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs) and Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs) are designed to pinpoint your exact location to Search and Rescue services during an emergency. For example, the Ocean Signal PLB1 can be single handedly deployed to send your GPS location to emergency services in case of SOS GTC provides a variety of GPS enabled SOS beacons which use the COSPAS SARSAT network of satellites to transmit alert information to the appropriate rescue coordination centre from anywhere in the world. EPRIB - website For example, once activated in an emergency situation, the Ocean Signal EPIRB1 will transmit a signal for up to 48 hours!

Two-Way Radios

For Black Friday 2018, we are offering wide range of two-way radios*. These radios are ideal for business and leisure users including unlicensed and licensed models, UHF and VHF radios. These include radios from Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex for next day delivery. Two-Way Radios offer instant communication on a one to one or one to many basis. Not only can they be used for every day communication but their easily accessed SOS functions makes them essential for emergency situations on land or at sea. *This discount does not apply to Cobham, Standard Horizon, McMurdo or ACR Radios. Radio - website For example, the Twin Pack of the Motorola Tlkr T92 H20 Walkie-Talkies are ideal for activities on the water such as canoeing, sailing, jetskiing and paddleboarding because they are buoyant and submersible to 1m for up to 30 minutes. For more information about our Black Friday Weekend Deals, contact us! We are available via phone or email:


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*Black Friday Discount starts on Friday 23 November and ends Midnight on Sunday 25 November 2018.

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