Two-way radios are a great way for two or people to achieve instant communication over short, medium, or long distances. At GTC, we offer a range of market-leading radios for leisure or commercial applications, from checking in around the campsite on family holidays, to delivering operational instructions across the building site, school playground, or warehouse floor.

Why are business two-way radios safe?

Commercial Motorola two-way radios or ICOM two-way radios keep information secure through their digital data encryption capabilities. Coupled with this, business radios can be programmed to use designated business band channels, meaning safe communication can take place in schools, hospitals, security companies and other organisations without interference from consumer radios.

Steps to secure your two-way radios

  • Create a Privacy Code

Because two-way radios are limited to the amount of channels set by the FCC, there is always a chance one person could be using the same channel as someone else. Privacy codes help with this by ensuring that a receiving radio with a privacy code activated will not un-mute its speaker unless the code is sent along with transmission. For example, if a receiving radio is set to channel 2 and privacy code 5, the transmitting radio must be set to the same channel and code. This way the users will be able to communicate between two radios without interference.

  • Use a Headset

The use of a headset is the obvious choice for eliminating the sound of your radio so other people cannot hear your conversation. Headsets, whether in-ear or over-ear, also allow for the crisp and clear delivery of voice communication.

Benefits which a two-way radio will offer you:

  • Cost-Effective Communication

With something like a Mitex digital two-way radio, you’re looking at a powerful, long range two-way radio at a very accessible price. One of the most appealing aspects of using a two-way radio is there is no airtime or monthly bills needed. Unlike with something like a satellite terminal or phone that might use Iridium Certus airtime, two-way radios are ready to go right out of the box.

  • Instant Connection

Communication and connectivity with a two-way radio is instantaneous and at the push of a button. Typically, there should be no delay in transmitting the speaker’s voice to the receiving radio as long as the talk button is firmly pressed. This is unlike with satellite phones where there might be a small timelapse, especially if the speaker is in a remote location.

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