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Introduction to the ACR Bivy Stick

The ACR Bivy Stick Two-Way Communicator is a cutting-edge, compact satellite device designed to provide reliable and convenient communication in remote areas where traditional means of connectivity are limited or non-existent. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, an adventure traveler, or an emergency responder, use the Bivy Stick to turn your smartphone into a satellite communication device and stay connected in the world’s most remote areas.

Unleashing the Power of Two-Way Communication

The two-way communication functionality of the Bivy Stick ensures that you can stay connected with your contacts, share your location, and receive important information, such as weather updates or emergency alerts, all via your smartphone. The Bivy Stick offers peace of mind and enhances safety for outdoor enthusiasts, adventure travelers, and individuals working in remote locations where traditional communication methods are unreliable or unavailable.

Tracking and Navigation Made Easy

Similar to a Garmin GPS tracker which is also available to purchase or rent from GTC, one of the key features of the Bivy Stick is its integration with GPS technology. By leveraging the GPS capabilities of your smartphone or tablet, combined with globally-reaching Iridium satellite connectivity, the Bivy Stick enables accurate positioning and real-time location tracking. You can view your current location on detailed maps within the Bivy app, allowing you to keep track of your progress and easily share your coordinates with others.

Safety First: SOS Alerts and Emergency Response

Possibly one of the most important features of the Bivy Stick is its ability to trigger SOS alerts. By pressing the red SOS button on the bottom of the device itself, an alert will be flagged up to Global Rescue, the 24/7 operating Bivy-specific search and rescue team that offers worldwide field rescue, medical evacuation, real-time traveler assistance, or destination reports for 215 countries and principalities.

Seamlessly Integrating With Outdoor Activities

The Bivy Stick lets you stay connected from the trail so that you never lose your way. It is also compact and lightweight enough to be stowed or clipped to your person without getting in the way of the most exciting part: the adventure.

The Bivy Stick is as compact as it is powerful and can be easily mounted to any vehicle, backpack, or structure. Together with its wealth of built-in features, you will also be assigned a dedicated phone number and email address, meaning your nearest and dearest have a private and secure way of keeping in contact without the need to initiate first contact.

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