From organised, off-grid expeditions, to first responders at the scene of a natural disaster, we offer hundreds of different satellite connectivity solutions suitable for commercial operations and solo adventures.


We offer a wide range of voice and data satellite communication services that come with global coverage for land, sea, and aviation operations over the world's leading satellite networks.

Since 2008, our products have been used by a global customer base, and have helped support everything from major sporting events to emergency rescue missions, record-breaking adventures, and improving the safety of lone worker environments.

satellite tracking solutions

Satellite Tracking

Record GPS coordinates and monitor fixed or mobile assets in real-time, anywhere in the world, with our range of compact satellite trackers.

satellite internet solutions

Satellite Internet

Improve productivity in the field with powerful, reliable satellite broadband solutions when all other network options are unavailable.

satellite iot solutions

Satellite IoT

Integrate our range of tracker units into complex IoT systems to unlock further monitoring capabilities and in-depth analysis.

sos locator beacons

SOS Locator Beacons & Flares

In at-sea emergency situations, an SOS locator beacon or flare is critical to ensure the best possible chance of being found and rescued by nearby vessels or response crews.

iridium push to talk ptt

Iridium Push-to-Talk

A one of a kind PTT system from Iridium thanks to the extensive network of 66 low earth orbiting satellites, you can now communicate with anyone from anywhere on the planet with the simple push of a button.

satellite phone solutions

Satellite Phones

Through the power of globally-reaching networks, let our range of satellite phones keep you connected with colleagues, friends, or loved ones from places where no other communication infrastructure exists.