Airtime Contract Security Deposit

Customers residing outside the UK or US wishing to proceed with a SIM or device activation on a post-paid/monthly contract with Global Telesat Communications are required to provide a refundable security deposit of £150 for each device activated before an activation can be processed (please see terms below). The card details provided for your security deposit will be used to take payment for your monthly airtime invoices. Your card will be charged 3-7 days after we issue your monthly airtime invoice to allow you time to review your invoice and contact us with any queries relating to it.


* Please ensure you press the "Create an Account" button in the checkout page when processing payment.  We are unable to take repeat transactions if you checkout as a guest and the transaction will be voided if an account is not created.

* Please ensure you choose the ‘Credit or Debit Card" option when making payment.  We are not able to take repeat payments for your monthly airtime invoices through PayPal and the transaction will be voided if you choose this option.

* Please ensure the address provided in the billing address section matches the billing address on your credit or debit card statement.

£150.00 £150.00