Asset Satellite Trackers

Global Telesat Communications provide advanced satellite based asset tracking and monitoring devices which can be used to track the location of a wide range of fixed or mobile assets, including vehicles, boats, tractors and trailers. Our satellite trackers use the Globalstar, Iridium and Inmarsat satellite networks, ensuring global coverage at all times.

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  1. SPOT Trace Satellite Asset Tracker
    SPOT Trace Satellite Tracker
    £87.00 £72.50
  2. SmartOne Solar Satellite Tracker
    SmartOne Solar Satellite Tracker
    £264.00 £220.00
  3. SmartOne C Satellite Tracker
    SmartOne C Satellite Tracker
    £105.00 £87.50
  4. Globalstar SmartOne Solar Satellite Tracker
    Smartone Solar Asset Tracker Package
    £552.00 £460.00
  5. Iridium 9602-AB Satellite Asset Tracker
    NAL Research Iridium 9602-AB Satellite Tracker
    £943.20 £786.00
  6. GSatMicro Satellite Tracker
    GSatMicro Satellite Tracker
    £864.00 £720.00
  7. Iridium 9602-LP Satellite Asset Tracker
    NAL Research Iridium 9602-LP Satellite Tracker
    £754.80 £629.00
  8. Skywave IsatData Pro IDP782
    Skywave IsatData Pro IDP782
    £680.40 £567.00
  9. 9603-3G front
    NAL Research Iridium 9603-3G Satellite Tracker
    £960.00 £800.00