Thuraya GPS Navigation

It is well known that Thuraya phones are brilliant for helping you to keep in touch in remote locations through voice and data services. A lesser known feature of the Thuraya phones is their ability to store and transmit geographical co-ordinates by GPS.

Thuraya GPS Navigation

With the Thuraya GPS navigation feature, you are able to locate your position anytime, anywhere within the Thuraya coverage area or compatible GSM coverage area. Once you have acquired the co-ordinates you can:
  1. Save co-ordinates on your Thuraya phone for later reference.
  2. Send co-ordinates by SMS to another phone.
  3. Send co-ordinates by SMS to the ThurayaLocate service.
The ThurayaLocate service is offered free of charge by Thuraya with UK based location and risk management experts Geonix. Simply register for a free account and you will then be prompted to enter the Thuraya phone number of the device you wish to track. Interestingly, you can set up as many devices on the account as you like! Once you have set-up the account you can then view the co-ordinates you acquire from your Thuraya handset on the ThurayaLocate website.
thuraya-gps An example of co-ordinate information shown on the ThurayaLocate website

How do I send my co-ordinates to ThurayaLocate?

You acquire your co-ordinates through the Navigation menu of your handset. You can either choose to transmit your current position or historical positions you have saved as waypoints.
  1. Once you have selected the waypoint then choose “Send via SMS” from the menu
  2. Send to +278388918342 (dedicated ThurayaLocate number) and your co-ordinates will instantly show up on your ThurayaLocate account map. Date and time information is also transmitted.

Did you know?

The ThurayaLocate service will also work when you are roaming on GSM networks and the only cost the user will incur in either satellite or GSM mode is the cost of the SMS to ThurayaLocate – this will vary depending on your airtime plan, please check before using if you are unsure. ThurayaLocate is especially useful for users travelling in remote locations. Simply share your log-in details with family and friends and they will be able to keep up to date with your journey progress.

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