Skip Graham and his #2minutepaddle Challenge

Skip Graham

Skip Graham is paddling with a prone paddleboard 1000km from Minehead, Somerset to Poole, Dorset. All his equipment will be with him on his board, including a SPOT Gen 3 tracker.

Skip Graham and his #2minutepaddle

Skip Graham is raising money for #2minutebeachclean as well as supporting the cause by doing beach cleans along his journey. You can follow his progress with our SPOT Gen 3 tracker's mapping portal. If you would like to support Skip you can donate now.

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SPOT Gen 3 Tracker

This tracker has famously supported Ross Edgely on his trip round the coast of mainland Britain, and therefore is the perfect device to follow him on his journey. Skip understands the need for a tracking device on his expedition, particularly due to the recent fatality at the National Championships, Devizes Westminster Canoe race and a famous french paddler in France. "There is now a renewed focus on safety."

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Skip's Review

"The Spot Gen 3 was an indispensable piece of kit on my 630 mile #2minutepaddle expedition. Being unsupported on the ocean, safety was paramount; I needed the ability to call for help if things went wrong. Whilst I carried a VHF radio & it is in itself a vital piece of safety equipment, it does rely on line of sight & has a limited range when used from water level. There was extra piece of mind in that if for some reason I was unable to hit the SOS button, those who were following the tracker would potentially notice something was amiss & raise the alarm (the tracker updating my position every 10 minutes being vitally important in a rescue situation).

Aside from the safety aspect, the tracker function was invaluable in that people could follow my progress. They could see when I had started paddling for that day, or when I had come ashore, see the sort of distance I had done, & provided my location to those wanting to meet up; not something I could organise with a mobile due to the limited mobile signal for much of the paddle.

Impressively the batteries lasted the whole duration without needing to be changed. The Spot is something I’d highly recommend to anyone out on the water, especially on their own. Whether that be a 5 week expedition or for just a few miles."

Skip Graham

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