GTC reaches milestone for selling over 15,000 SPOT Devices

GTC is proud to have reached the milestone of selling over 15,000 Globalstar SPOT satellite trackers. The devices include SPOT Gen3 and SPOT X satellite communicators and SPOT Trace asset trackers. Since initially launching in 2007, pocket-sized, rugged and affordable SPOT devices have been used in over 6,800 rescues worldwide, many of which were life-saving.

Market for SPOT Trackers

Our customer base for SPOT spans both consumer and organisational users. In fact, we support security firms, utilities, maritime operations specialists, sports event organisers, government agencies, professional remote workers, as well as adventurers and other travellers. We have been awarded contracts by government and commercial organisations for SPOT devices. Contracts include the deployment of more than 850 Gen3 trackers by the UK Forestry Commission since early 2016. Our organisational customers, using the Gen3 tracker, improve the safety of staff working in remote areas where alternative communications are unreliable or unavailable. NATO procured its SPOT Trace devices from GTC to study ocean current movement, using buoys, for operational purposes. Our aggregated 1,500 SPOT devices which are being used for staff protection and safety at UK organisations including the UK Forestry Commission while NATO uses SPOT Trace devices for oceanic tracking studies. By using Globalstar’s second-generation Low-Earth Orbit satellites, users stay connected. In fact, users can reach emergency services, colleagues, friends and family beyond the reach of mobile phone networks and radio communications.

Our SPOT Tracker Product Portfolio

Both SPOT X and Gen3 trackers feature a one-touch SOS button. This enables instant transmission of user’s GPS location to the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) over Globalstar’s satellite network. The IERCC then transmits details to local first responders to dispatch help to the user’s location. The devices’ tracking and SOS features can help first responders. Additionally, friends and colleagues can locate users even if they are unable to press the SOS button during an emergency. Organisations which deploy SPOT for staff safety have the option of configuring their devices to directly send an SOS alert to in-house security and operation centres. This instantly transmits GPS co-ordinates for prompt internal emergency handling.

Our 15,000 SPOT devices sold Milestone

“The milestones we are celebrating today are testament to the high quality, reach and reliability of Globalstar’s satellite network and its SPOT devices which enable always-on communications and user safety. Now with SPOT X, and its extra two-way communications capabilities, we anticipate continued strong demand. In fact, we expect a significant upward migration from Gen3 to SPOT X by both professional and leisure users.” David Phipps, Chief Executive Officer of Orbsat Corp SPOT X, launched in EMENA in January 2019. It offers full two-way SMS and email, as well as GPS tracking and a one-touch SOS button. It is the only satellite messenger on the market to give users a permanent phone number. Additionally, it offers easy check-in function and a full, backlit QWERTY keypad for intuitive typing. This device offers the industry’s longest battery life in both tracking and SOS modes and is priced competitively “We are extremely proud of the ongoing expansion and growing diversity of the SPOT user base. To be trusted to safeguard and provide lifeline communications to staff as they carry out their important duties in remote or dangerous environments is both a responsibility and an honour. We congratulate GTC for achieving the milestone announced today. We look forward to continuing to collaborate to provide safety and peace of mind to more people,” Mark O’Connell, Globalstar EMEA General Manager.

About SPOT

SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational and business use. Their messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact completely independent of mobile coverage. As a result, they have initiated over 6,800 rescue callouts worldwide.

Contact Us

For more information about our SPOT tracker or our partnership with Globalstar and SPOT LLC, please contact us.

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